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Impressive Marble Tile Installations in Tampa Bay, FL

Marble flooring tile is among the most beautiful and luxurious stone materials in the world. They are popular in luxury homes, bathrooms, office buildings, and even in many public spaces. The prestigious Wells Fargo Center (formerly Wachovia Center), with its distinctive rose-colored Italian marble floor, is an illustrative example of the strength and durability of elegant marble tile installations that can be found throughout the Tampa Bay, FL area.

Elegant Appearance and Individuality

Marble tiles have been associated with elegance and luxury for centuries. It has naturally aesthetic characteristics, which are considered unique to the material. No two pieces of marble are completely identical and may have slight differences in terms of shade, hue, and pattern, this ensuring your marble tile installation an original. The dozens of varieties and choice of colors that range from white to pink to black makes marble bathroom tiles especially attractive and elegant. 

Easy to Maintain and Polish 

Marble responds well to polishing, which helps it to maintain its luster with vivid, pronounced colors. Also, marble tiles are resistant to moisture, and this makes it easy to clean up spills and maintain the tiles. The stain-resistant qualities of the tile help reduce the chances of liquids like grape juice and wine leaving a permanent mark on the surface too. All it takes is water, a clean dry cloth, and mild soap to take care of most spills on a marble surface.

Local Marble Tile Expert

Anthony Arculeo has built a long-standing reputation for his exquisite genuine marble and bathroom tile installations throughout the Tampa Bay, FL area. Whether it’s a marble floor for a hallway, dining room or bathroom, his quality of workmanship and attention to detail makes every marble tile installation an original work of art.

Considering a marble tile installation for your home or office in the Tampa Bay, FL area? Contact us at (407) 625-9646 or visit us online today!