Anthony Arculeo
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New York's Finest Custom Marble Pool Tables,
Crafted by Anthony Arculeo

Custom Marble Pool Table
If you’re looking for a stunning, custom-made marble billiard table for your New York home or business—you simply must check out the incredible pool table designs by fourth generation marble craftsman, Anthony Arculeo.

Anthony’s exquisite method of fabricating gorgeous varieties of marble into billiard, gaming and chess tables has earned him numerous awards and even a US Pool Table Patent (#5720666).

Incorporating leather accents, high-quality translucent onyx—for luminous backlit design features—and custom logos and monograms laid perfectly into one-of-a-kind, imported marble stone, Anthony creates billiard tables that continue to wow colleagues, customers and interior designers from around the globe.

The Finest Gaming Tables in All of New York

Custom Marble Billiard Table
Don’t make the mistake of paying too much for a poorly produced product. Most pool tables are manufactured with cheap veneers and shoddy structuring. The purchase of a custom marble table designed by Anthony ensures you’ll have a treasured item that will be passed down in your family and valued for many, many generations to come.

Anthony Arculeo uses the finest materials on the market for his customized designs, and you won’t find anything like them—even from New York’s finest pool table dealers. Check out Anthony’s custom creations and see for yourself.

Please contact Anthony for pricing information.