Anthony Arculeo
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About Anthony

Marble SculptureAnthony Arculeo's expertise in marble crafting runs deep. Over 100 years ago, Anthony's great-grandfather marbled three timeless cathedrals in Palermo, Sicily. His creative efforts afforded him with a reputation as an appreciated artist and craftsmen: a street was even named in his honor. Anthony and his boys carry on this legacy as fourth and fifth generation Italian marble craftsmen, who still produce award-winning sculpture and décor. They continue to practice the tradition of distinguished artistry and inventiveness that earned their family a revered reputation so long ago.

Since 1988, Anthony has continued his family's artistic tradition of marble crafting in the United States, supplying Orlando clients with timeless residential tile installation work as well as modern products and designs that channel the classic elegance of the past. Anthony's most popular works include matching pool, billiard, poker, chess, and gaming tables, as well as coffee tables, cigar humidors and other accessories made from rare, natural stone. To discuss a design project with Anthony today, call 407-625-9646, or e-mail him at